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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) For Dummies
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Understand why SOA is important for business innovation and change Feeling overwhelmed by the buzz about service oriented architecture? Take heart! This bestselling guide makes it easy to understand what SOA is, why it´s important, and how your business can benefit. You´ll discover how to create reusable, flexible systems; how IT and management team up to make SOA work; and what SOA means to your bottom line. * What it is - see how SOA is designed for maximum adaptability * Building blocks - examine the main components of SOA and how they work * Break it to fix it - learn to deconstruct business processes and applications to identify their components, then put them together in new ways * The ´´X´´ factor - explore XML and how it´s used in SOA * Who´s the governor? - develop a governance strategy for SOA based on your company´s business rules and requirements * Keep it clean - find out how to assure data quality and consistency * Everything in balance - understand SOA in context with Web 2.0, unified communications, and cloud computing Open the book and find: * An easy test to determine whether you need SOA * Four common pitfalls and how to avoid them * Lessons learned from successful IT executives * The significance of using a registry and repository * How to leverage existing assets * Why identity management software matters for SOA * The benefits of SOA service management * The ROI of SOA from real-world experiences

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