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Distributed .NET Programming in C#
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With the release of .NET, Microsoft has once again altered the distributed programming landscape. Almost everything has changed, from data access to remote object calls to the deployment of software components. And, of course, .NET introduces a new technology in XML Web services that may revolutionize Web development. Distributed .NET Programming in C# describes how to use these new .NET technologies to build fast, scalable, and robust distributed applications. Along the way, it answers common questions, such as, How do I use the .NET Remoting Framework? What role does COM+ play in the .NET universe? How can I interoperate with COM components? What¿s the difference between .NET Remoting and Web services? How will these changes affect the architecture and design of a distributed application? Tom Barnaby assumes the reader is already familiar with the fundamentals of .NET. However, a .NET overview is provided to concisely explain several of the core .NET technologies that are essential for distributed programming, including building, versioning, and deploying assemblies; garbage collection; serialization; and attribute-based programming. Author Bio: Tom Barnaby is an instructor and software architect at Intertech-Inc., a company dedicated to teaching top programmers how to develop enterprise-level software. As an instructor, he is in constant contact with developers from around the world and knows the problems they must solve and the questions they have. As a software architect, he advises companies on the design and implementation of their IT systems. Before becoming a teacher, Tom developed a variety of applications ranging from a proprietary 4GL/Database system on UNIX to a fully distributed ERP application on Windows. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing with his son Max, watching movies, and playing power chords on his electric guitar with the amp volume turned to 11.

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