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XML Weekend Crash Course - Ethier, Kay
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Intelligent Computing and Information and Commu...
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The volume presents high quality research papers presented at Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems (ICICC 2017). The conference was held during 2-4 August 2017, Pune, India and organized communally by Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune, India at MIT College of Engineering, Pune and supported by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The volume contains research papers focused on ICT for intelligent computation, communications and audio, and video data processing. Prof. Subhash Bhalla joined as a faculty of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi in 1986, at the School of Computer and Systems Sciences. He was a Visiting Scientist at Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (1987-88). He is a member of the Computer Society of IEEE and SIGMOD of ACM. He is associated with the Department of Computer Software at the University of Aizu, Japan. He has also toured and lectured at many industries for conducting feasibility studies and for adoption of modern techniques. He has received several grants for research projects. Prof. Bhalla currently participates in the Intelligent Dictionary System Project. He is exploring database designs to support models for Information Interchange through the World Wide Web. He is working with a study team on creating user interfaces for web users and transaction management system for mobile computing. He is studying transaction management and algorithmic designs for Distributed Real-Time Systems. He is also pursuing performance evaluation and modeling of distributed algorithms. His research interests include managing components and application services; distributed client/middleware/service oriented computing; XML, e-commerce; mobile database management systems; web query and web data mining; synchronization and crash recovery; and integration of technologies. Prof. Vikrant Bhateja is Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of Professional Colleges (SRMGPC), Lucknow and also the Head (Academics & Quality Control) in the same college. His area of research include digital image and video processing, computer vision, medical imaging, machine learning, pattern analysis and recognition, neural networks, soft computing and bio-inspired computing techniques. He has more than 90 quality publications in various international journals and conference proceedings. Prof. Bhateja has been on TPC and chaired various sessions from the above domain in international conferences of IEEE and Springer. He has been the track chair and served in the core-technical/editorial teams for international conferences: FICTA 2014, CSI 2014 and INDIA 2015 under Springer-ASIC Series and INDIACom-2015, ICACCI-2015 under IEEE. He is associate editor in International Journal of Convergence Computing (IJConvC) and also serving in the editorial board of International Journal of Image Mining (IJIM) under Inderscience Publishers. At present he is guest editors for two special issues floated in International Journal of Rough Sets and Data Analysis (IJRSDA) and International Journal of System Dynamics Applications (IJSDA) under IGI Global publications. Dr. Anjali Chandavale is currently working as Associate Professor (Information Technology) in Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Researchs Maharashtra Institute of Technology College of Engineering, Pune, India. She has over 18 years of teaching and over 6 years of industrial experience in the field of Process Instrumentation. Her research interests include Internet Security, Image Processing and Embedded Systems. Dr. Chandavale has worked as Research and Development Engineer in Lectrotek Systems Pvt. Ltd., Pune, for 4 years and also as a Software Engineer (Design and Development) in Ajay Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (1997-1998), Pune. She has several publications in journals as well as in conference proceedings of international repute. Prof. Anil S. Hiwale is currently working as Professor and Head of Department of Information Technology, MIT College of Engineering, Pune. He completed his Ph.D. from SGB Amravati University, Amravati. Prof. Hiwale has 28 years of teaching experience and published over 50 research papers in National/International Journals and conferences. His areas of research

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